Clinical Supervisors

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A. Raja Hornstein, PsyD
Address: 1330 Lincoln Ave, Suite 310
Phone Number: (415) 779-2499
Degree/License: PsyD received 2005, PSY 21271, received 2006
Orientation: Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Couple
Standard Fee: $130
Minimum Fee: $90
Address: 100 Tamal Plaza, Suite #170, Corte Madera, CA
Phone Number: 415-281-3362
Degree/License: PsyD received 4/21/16
Orientation: Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Object Relations
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Adolescent, Couple
Standard Fee: $200
Minimum Fee: $80
Angie Branham, PhD
Address: 431 30th St. Suite 250
Oakland, CA
Phone Number: (510) 806-9900
Degree/License: Ph.D. / PSY28850
Orientation: Psychodynamic
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Adolescent, Child
Standard Fee: 225.00
Minimum Fee: 175.00
Address: PO BOX 2905, San Anselmo, CA
Phone Number: (415)758-3726
Degree/License: PSY 23097 received 10/2009
Orientation: Primarily Psychodynamic/ Relational
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Family
Standard Fee: $180/hour
Minimum Fee: $100/hour
Annette Holloway, PsyD
Address: 1030 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Suite 120 Kentfield CA
Phone Number: 415-843-1453
Degree/License: PsyD, PSY 25056
Orientation: Attachment Oriented & Psychodynamic Therapy. Pre-marital and relationship counseling. Depth psychotherapy for adults, especially the underparented
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Couple
Standard Fee: 175 individual/200 couple
Minimum Fee: 100
Barbara Nova, PhD
Address: 2 Commercial Blvd, Novato
1330 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael
Phone Number: 415-233-3461
Degree/License: PhD, PSY 25056
Orientation: Psychodynamic, Developmental, Transpersonal, also Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology as well as alternative medicine perspectives
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Adolescent, Family, Group
Standard Fee: 150/hour
Address: 4 Majorca Court
San Rafael, CA
Phone Number: (415) 472-0607
Degree/License: MA, MFT 17530, received 1982
Orientation: Cognitive and Family Systems on a Psychodynamic Base
Services Offered: Individual, Couple, Family, Adult, Adolescent
Standard Fee: $125
Minimum Fee: $5
CIP Affiliation: Since 2007
Drew Lamden, LCSW
Address: 1044 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Kentfield, CA
Phone Number: (415) 454-0736
Degree/License: LCSW, received 1984
CIP Affiliation: Since 2015
Address: 605 B Street, San Rafael, Ca.
Phone Number: 0. 415-435-6556 C. 415-250-9780
Degree/License: Masters in Psychology Lie. # 82222 received 9/8/2014
Orientation: psychodynamic, relational, attachment focsed, CBT
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Adolescent, Family
Standard Fee: $140.00
Minimum Fee: $90.00
Fred Rozendal, PhD
Address: 1330 Lincoln Avenue #104
San Rafael, CA
Phone Number: (415) 679-0997
Degree/License: PhD, received 1976 PSY10271, received 1988
Orientation: Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic
Services Offered: Individual, Adult, Couples
Standard Fee: $140
Minimum Fee: sliding
CIP Affiliation: Since 2006