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CIP Internship Opportunities

CIP offers rigorous clinical internships for 14 to 16 graduate students in psychology, social work, and counseling. Our excellent training and supervision provides exceptional opportunities for individuals interested in working in a community-based environment with a diverse population and a wide range of issues.

Our program is psychodynamically based psychotherapy (more specifically Object Relations, Jungian, Attachment, Mastersonian, Control Mastery, Self Psychology, Kleinian, and British Middle School, Family Systems, Mindfulness and other psychoanalytic perspectives). We are a highly competitive agency promoting service as a means to reinforce positive values and to help build strong, resilient families, schools, and communities. We offer a flexible work environment, which honors cultural differences and promotes an atmosphere of continuous learning that encourages innovation and professional development. Interns select a special project for their personal focus.

Applications for internships are accepted year round if we have space. Most trainees, interns, practicum and predocs apply in January through April to start in the following training year, which runs September through August. CIP is a CAPIC program and follows the designated application calendar for Doctoral Interns and Fellowship positions.

For more information, please contact us at:

  • LMFT Internships (415) 459-5999 ext. 464.
  • Psy.D/Ph.D Internships (415) 459-5999 ext. 465