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On-Site Programs

  • Individual and Family Therapy 
    Affordable, comprehensive services to resolve problems and restore emotional well being. Counseling promotes healthy relationships within families; and addresses problems that compromise self-sufficiency, productivity, and the ability to enjoy a healthy, productive life.
  • Adult Therapy Groups 
    Opportunities for self-exploration and interpersonal learning to enhance communication skills and the ability to set and achieve personal goals.
  • Couples Therapy Program 
    Support to enhance and deepen relationships, improve communication, and end repetitive conflicts.
  • Eating Disorders Therapy Program
    Comprehensive, effective treatment for individuals struggling with food issues, disordered eating, and/or body image and weight.
  • Psychological Testing
    For adults to enhance the quality and effectiveness of individual therapy.
  • Support for Separated and Divorcing Families
    Help with the specific issues facing families, including the issues that arise in the legal system.
  • Support for Single Parents and their Children
    Counseling to support parents to overcome problems; improve home environments; strengthen child-parent bond; maximize children’s healthy development, school readiness and performance; and prevent long-term problems.
  • Support for Survivors of Childhood Abuse
    Help to heal from the trauma of physical, emotional, psychological and/or sexual abuse, and to overcome intimacy issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other problems.