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Supervise or Train Interns

Help promote the growth and development of up and coming intern-therapists by sharing your wisdom, experience, knowledge, and expertise. As a supervisor, you will meet with your intern for one hour each week throughout the year. Trainers provide from two to six weeks of training per year to interns on a variety of topics.

Our supervisors and trainers enjoy the opportunity to work with interns, connect with other savvy mental health professionals at optional community gatherings, and deepen their own practice through CIP’s many professional development programs.

The agency’s well-established commitment to excellence and service to the community has attracted exceptional and dedicated professionals who continue to offer their time and energy year after year.

This assistance benefits the intern-therapists who receive superior training, the clients who receive quality therapy, and the agency, which can operate very cost effectively.

If you are interested in becoming a CIP supervisor or trainer, please contact Robin Joy Berenson, PhD, LMFT. 415-459-5999 x100.