Licensed Therapist

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Anka Laszlo Paine, PsyD
Address: 412 Red Hill Avenue, Suite 4
San Anselmo, CA
Phone Number: 415-302-7305
Degree/License: PSY20691
Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral
Services Offered: Adult, Adolescent, Child, Individual, Family, Couple
Standard Fee: $150
Minimum Fee: $90.00 and sliding scale
CIP Affiliation: since 2013
Address: 1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 102B
San Rafael, CA 94901

230 Grand Ave., Ste. 201
Oakland, CA
Phone Number: 415-460-1330 ext. 0
Degree/License: PhD, received 1995, PsyD, received 2008
Orientation: Psychodynamic
Services Offered: Adult, Adolescent, Individual, Couple
Standard Fee: $175
Minimum Fee: $125
CIP Affiliation: Since 2002
Phone Number: (415) 300-7172
Long Description:

Licensed 26 years in private practice in marin county. I am informed by Jungian analysis, Control Mastery, Mindfulness and using films to illuminate psychological issues.

Degree/License: MS/MFCC
Deborah McNeil, MS, LMFT
Address: PO Box 4062
San Rafael, CA
Phone Number: (415) 328-5970
Degree/License: M.S., LMFT
Orientation: Child, Adolescent & Domestic Violence Trauma Anxiety, Depression (psychodynamic approach, and Brief and Strategic-Focused)
Dennis Reno, PhD
Address: 11 Cowper Avenue
Kensington, CA
Phone Number: (510) 339-6674
Degree/License: Ph.D. Psychology
Orientation: Individual, couple, and facilitating group therapy, LGBTQ youth
Elsa Rosenberg, MS, MFT
Address: 1966 Green Street
San Francisco, CA
Phone Number: (415) 905-4508
Degree/License: MS, MFT
Orientation: Psychodynamic/analytic by training, with addition modalities depending on diagnosis (mindfulness practice, cognitive-behavioral techniques; Collaborative Couples Therapy; Gottman theory)
Services Offered: Psychotherapy with adult individuals and couples; adult family dyads
Standard Fee: $175
Minimum Fee: $125
Holly Oswald, PsyD
Address: 2966 21st St
San Francisco, CA
Phone Number: (415) 409-9338
Degree/License: PsyD
Orientation: Supervision, child and family therapy, community mental health, humanistic existential, psychodynamic, multicultural, trauma, resilience
Joan Robinson, LCSW
Address: 1330 Lincoln, Suite 301 San Rafael, CA

Phone Number: (415) 515-9765 cell
Degree/License: MSW, received 1968 LCSW, received 1978 Doctor of Ministry, 2001
Orientation: Jungian, Feminist, Spirituality, Psychodynamic
Services Offered: Adult, Individual, Group, Dream work
Standard Fee: $140 individual session $ 40 group session
Minimum Fee: $100 individual session $ 25 group session
CIP Affiliation: Since 2010
Morgan Szymczak, MFT
Address: 3605 Spauss Avenue
Oroville, CA
Phone Number: (304) 669-8274
Degree/License: MFT
Orientation: Working with child and adolescent with trauma history
Address: 425 Gough Street, Suite 4
San Francisco, CA
Phone Number: (415) 572-1863
Long Description:

As a seasoned depth psychologist formally trained in exploring the depths of being human, I work collaboratively with patients to get to the root of what ails them. I find cultivating an affirming, caring stance allows an individual to move more readily towards healing and the resolution of problems and difficulties. Consequently, you can be the person you want to be thereby realizing greater personal agency and generating more successful relationships. The heart and soul of my practice involves working with chronic shame, gender and sexuality issues, life transitions, grief, loss, trauma, dissociated self-states, self exploration.

Degree/License: PhD
CIP Affiliation: Member