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Share your thoughts on coping with COVID-19 Shelter in Place

Recently New York Times columnist David Brooks* asked readers a favor. He asked them to describe how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their mental health. He wrote, “ We’re all going through something together. We’ll be more resilient if we can see others experiencing it in the same way.”

We at CIP believe sharing our reactions to the current situation is an excellent idea for two reasons. First, one of the healthiest ways we can respond to our stress, including anxiety and depression, is to acknowledge our feelings and express them to others. Those reading these short statements will understand they are not alone in these difficult feelings. Second, it is a powerful way we can help one another by describing what is working, the healthy ways we are taking care of ourselves and our loved ones—thus sending messages of hope and resilience.

To participate, please write your answers to one or both of the following questions below. Entries may be signed with your name or sent anonymously. Please know that by posting you are giving permission for us to share.

How are you and your family experiencing the current coronavirus pandemic and Shelter in Place restrictions? What feelings have come up for you and your loved ones?

What strategies are you using to cope; what is working successfully for you? Reaching out for support from others or providing support for neighbors and friends? Keeping in touch with others by phone or Zoom or Facetime? Do you engage in exercise, family projects, distracting entertainment?

Thank you for your participation!