March 2018 Newsletter

How do we go about creating an inclusive community where differ- ences are valued amd respected? How can we respond to our children with intention and compassion? What can we do to keep children safe and connected in this digital age?

January 2018 Newsletter

In the schools, we see unprecedented levels of serious mental disorders, including cutting and other self-harming behaviors. The schools with which we work have turned to us with new urgency, requesting increased services for students in school. This is a priority for CIP in 2018.

September 2017 Newsletter

On March 3, 2018, CIP will present Raising Healthy Families: Connection, Compassion, and Community, a day-long conference for parents, educators, professionals, and other community members. Co-hosted by the Marin County Office of Education, the event will bring together experts from throughout the Bay Area to address some of the critical challenges facing our families today.

March 2017 Newsletter

Guest speaker Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools, spoke movingly about the importance of mental health services for families and individuals, from both her personal and professional experience. As Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane has been an outspoken advocate for preventative and counseling services in the schools, such as those provided by CIP…

January 2017 Newsletter

For those dealing with the pain and distress of poor mental health, the path to healing may seem impossibly long. Yet a single, courageous step—a call to Community Institute for Psychotherapy—begins that life-changing journey.

September 2016 Newsletter

In this issue of Community Notes, we are very pleased to introduce five new members of the CIP community: Administrative Manager Juli Walsh; Assistant Clinical Directors Galia Schechter, PsyD, and Alex Thomas, LMFT; Director of Schools Project Sue Kessner, MS, LPCC; and Director of CIP’s Eating Disorders Program, Nicole Laby, LMFT.

March 2016 Newsletter

CIP Board and staff attending the 23rd Annual Heart of Marin Awards Thursday, January 7, 2016, could not have been more proud and delighted when it was announced that CIP Board President Lynn Lent had won the “Excellence in Board Leadership” Award from the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL).

January 2016 Newsletter

When we say that CIP is a “safety net” for our community, what do we mean? CIP is here to help. Each year our quality, comprehensive mental health services enable hundreds of families and individuals to overcome problems and regain the ability to enjoy full and meaningful lives. Our doors are open to all. With…

March 2015 Newsletter

What does it take to make sure there are quality, accessible services available to enable troubled families to end conflict, struggling students to focus and learn, and adults to overcome challenges and enjoy productive, fulfilling lives? The answer: “A community that cares!”

January 2015 Newsletter

When difficult questions arise, Marin families and individuals in need turn to CIP for answers. It seems my husband and I never stop arguing. Why can’t we talk to each other anymore? Suddenly my 10-year-old is acting out and misbehaving. What’s going on with him?