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Couples Therapy Program

At CIP, we offer low-cost couples therapy. Clients needing couples therapy will be assigned to a qualified intern-therapist working in the Couples Therapy Training Program, which centers on “Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy,” a cutting edge, evidenced-based therapy approach based on the work of Sue Johnson, PhD.

Why Couples Therapy?

Every couple has recurring cycles of conflict, whether more or less intense. There are times when you can get stuck in the same fight over and over around what can seem trivial, but with an emotional intensity that might not correspond to the issue you’re fighting about. Other times, you may not fight at all, but know that there is tension and distance beneath the surface.

Because they seem to come out of nowhere, over time these repeating patterns can chip away at feelings of closeness and trust. Each partner may try his or her best, but the strain stands in the way of what before was natural and easy. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is a hands-on, present-oriented approach that gets at the root of negative communication patterns, employing techniques that enable couples to restore open communication and rekindle trust, emotional intimacy and healing.

Among the many issues for which couples may seek help are money, parenting, communication, and intimacy.

CIP Intern-therapist Training and Approach

Katharina SandizelOur interns are trained by Katharina Sandizell, LMFT, a certified Emotionally Focused Couples therapist, recognized by the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Katharina Sandizell, LMFT, directs, teaches and supervises the Couples Therapy Program at CIP.

All couples coming to CIP after intake are directed to one of the seven intern-therapists being trained and supervised by Katharina Sandizell, LMFT.


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