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Become a Donor… Become a Life Saver. You are invited to support CIP through your tax-deductible donation.

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A donation of $5512 will pay for an intern-therapist to work in a Marin public school one day each week for half of the school year, providing essential support for children and teens. These students will develop higher self-esteem, succeed in school, and avoid drugs and delinquent behaviors.

  • Making a donation of $2430 will support an intern-therapist's vital work with adolescents at the Canal Community Alliance one afternoon a week for 18 weeks.

  • By giving $900, you will fund 10 weeks of group therapy, allowing participants to improve their communication skills and set and achieve personal goals.

  • Your contribution of $500 will allow 10 individuals at the Helen Vine Detox Center to work with an intern-therapist to develop a plan for recovery.

  • A gift of $180 will enable a couple to have four counseling sessions. They will improve communication, end repetitive conflict, and deepen their relationship.

  • By contributing $45, you will provide one hour of counseling to a disadvantaged family or individual at risk. Clients learn to understand themselves better and how to live richer, fuller lives.

  • Make a choice:
    Feel free to indicate the program you would like your donation to support or make a general donation. Please click to learn more about CIP's on-site programs and off-site programs.

  • Make a donation to CIP in the memory of someone special.

  • Honor someone through your support of this important work.

  • Please click here to make a contribution on-line.

  • In lieu of making a one time donation, consider giving a monthly or quarterly gift.
  • Or you may send payment in the form of a check and mail it to:
    • Community Institute for Psychotherapy
      1330 Lincoln Ave., Suite 201
      San Rafael, CA 94901

  • Or to make a donation by phone, call: 415-459-5999 x101


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