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Four Reasons to Support CIP
  1. CIP is local. As our name suggests, we are a community-based organization serving families, individuals, and couples right here in Marin, and rely on local donors, businesses, and funders to make our work possible. Your tax deductible gift to CIP is one way to be sure that the positive impact of your support is felt in the community.

  2. CIP helps people help themselves. When clients come to CIP for counseling, they are ready to make changes in their lives that can make a lasting difference - for themselves, their families, and their community. Because of your support, CIP is here when they need us.

  3. CIP is a volunteer organization. CIP enlists the volunteer services of more than 80 licensed professionals each year to supervise and train 20 to 24 interns. The result is the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost.

  4. CIP is cost-effective. With our emphasis on prevention, we help families and individuals address problems before they escalate and become far more costly in both human and financial terms. Each dollar you donate goes further to help prevent such serious problems as child abuse, family disintegration, unemployment, delinquency, substance abuse, and homelessness.

CIP is both practical and effective, successfully providing low-cost client services while simultaneously training qualified interns. CIP has increased the number and range of services while maintaining its cost efficiency, quality, integrity and commitment to the Marin community.

- Joan Capurro, Bank of Marin


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