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About CIP’s Business & Community
Partnership Program

For more than 35 years, Community Institute for Psychotherapy has helped people overcome problems and reestablish their lives in healthy, productive ways.

Our services provide costeffective solutions: By making quality services available to Marin's most vulnerable populations, we address the problems that lead to broken families, substance abuse, poverty and homelessness, school drop outs, and delinquency. Problem prevention and early intervention reduce the burden on public resources that results when problems escalate to crises and require hospitalization, out of home placement, or criminal or welfare involvement.

Our cost-efficient services reflect the commitment of the professional community: More than 100 licensed mental health professionals volunteer each year to train and supervise 22 to 24 CIP interntherapists — an in-kind donation of more $350,000, at no cost to CIP. The result: first quality psychotherapy services at a cost far below other agencies.

Our services are comprehensive: We address the needs of the whole family or individual. Working in the Marin community for nearly four decades, our knowledge of and collaboration with local public and private social service agencies enables our therapists to help clients find the services they need, whether legal aid, housing, child care, substance abuse treatment, and so on.

Where You Fit In

Through CIP's Business and Community Partnership Program, you make it possible for a family, a school-age child, a single mother to get the help they need. Your participation supports their commitment to building better, healthier lives. You become a partner investing not only in their future and well being, but the future and well being of our entire community.

Your contribution provides essential services to those in need.

  • Cornerstone: $1,000 provides six weeks of counseling for four families working to end conflict and poverty to rebuild their lives.
  • Foundation: $500 provides twelve weeks to help a family breadwinner overcome depression and alcohol abuse.
  • Community Builder: $250 pays for six weekly sessions for students struggling with bullying and safe boundaries.



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